How to Write a Check?

Wondering how to write a check? Don’t worry we will explain it to you.

Checkbooks are mainly helpful when you can’t get cash at that moment, or you forgot to withdraw some cash, or even to pay this month’s rent.

Nevertheless, today, writing a personal check looks old-fashioned. I understand when you go to the store and stand after someone paying by check, You have no patience. But what if you have to fill out a check and you don’t know how to write then? 

Don’t worry we’re going to explain step by step guide about how to write a check.

How to write a check

1. Place date at the upper right corner

The first step to righting out the check is writing the date. Some people may have doubts, do they need to add the current date only? But the answer is you can place any date according to your requirements. You can add the current date and you can also add the post-date if you are looking to pay later.

You can use either this format June 20, 2020, or this 6/20/2020 up to you.

how to add date in check

2. Write out the recipient name

The next step is to write the name of the person or recipient to who you’re paying. The recipient can either be a person or an organization or maybe a store. Also, the full name of the recipient is a must in the check.

How to write name in check

3. Write down the amount in numbers

The third step is to write down the amount you’re willing to pay to the recipient in numbers. You need to clearly write the amount you want to pay and there should be a distinction between dollars and cents.

For example, you can write the amount at check like $133.23. You can also write the amount of check like $133 23/100. That’s up to you.

How to write amount in check

4. Write a check amount in words

The next step is to write the check amount in words. Must notice: Please try to write down in clear words. Clarity is must.

5. Fill out the Memo and Sign the check

The second last step is to fill out the Memo, You can fill for what purpose you’re paying this amount. This column is not mandatory if you want you can skip this Memo option as well.

At last, you need to sign on the check at the button right. Without a signature, your check is not valid.

You’re done!

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