How to change and protect your wifi password?

Wifi is vital to keeping you linked. But your details are in danger if your wifi does not have a password. Here we are providing you with the tutorial to learn how to change and protect your wifi password.

You can protect your network and your data by making sure the following:-

  • keeping your router password safe
  • changing the password regularly

Changing your password also stops your bandwidth from misuse. You’ll need to open the setup page of your router to update your wifi password. Log in using your current info. Change the password under the wireless settings menu.

Anyone can connect to your wifi network without a password. And this will end up reducing the internet speed. They can also hack your computers to steal sensitive information.

It would help if you changed the default password for your wifi router to avoid this.

Doing this is easier than it sounds, but it will need you to log into your router’s configuration page.

Steps to change and protect your wifi password

  1. Open your router’s setup page using any internet browser on a Mac or Laptop. You’ll need to type in the default IP address of your router to do this. An access URL. Standard router addresses are
  • (Apple)
  • (Xfinity).
change and protect your wifi password
  • But, as this can vary, you can check the details of your particular router. You will also find this on the router’s bottom or hand, identified as either an IP address or an access URL.
  • Use its username and password to log into your router. By default, the username and password are always “admin” or “user admin.” But consult with your router’s internet service provider. You need to do this if this doesn’t function. You can find the login information on the bottom of the router itself.
change and protect your wifi password
  • Locate the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wireless Protection’ option once you log in.
  • “Enter the password you want your link to have in the “Wifi Password” or “Key” box. The most secure passwords contain a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols and are long. You will be able to change the public name of your wifi network here, too.
wireless security
  • Scroll down until your updates finish—Press ‘Save’ to save the adjustments. The wifi password is then changed.
  • The devices connected to the network gets disconnected once the password changes. You’ll need to reconnect them with a new password if this happens.
  • Ask your router’s manufacturer if you find yourself lost.

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How to Youtube live stream?

For business, gamers, and social streamers alike, YouTube live Stream is an excellent platform. The challenge is, starting a live YouTube stream isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re not sure how to stream YouTube live, you have landed on the right site.

How to Youtube live stream

How to stream YouTube Live : Desktop

The best way to watch live on YouTube is right from your web browser.

You can live stream Using an embedded or standalone USB camera. It will help you express your thoughts and connect with your audience in real-time. Live streaming with a DSLR is also available through your browser. You would require a USB capture card to deliver the video signal to your device to do so. The camera will then be recognized by YouTube as though it were a plug-and-play webcam.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account and in the top-right corner of the page, press the “Create a video or post” option.

2. From the drop-down menu, pick ‘Go live.’

3. Give YouTube and your browser any necessary live streaming permissions.

4. In the Live Control Area, make sure the “webcam” is enabled.

5. Give a title to your live stream, select a privacy setting. Choose whether to live stream now or schedule a later event.

6. Push “Next” for a thumbnail and pose. You may choose to add from your gallery as well.

7. Click “Go Live.”

8. When  done, click ‘End Stream.’

How to stream YouTube live: Mobile

How to Youtube live stream

Smartphone live streaming is suitable for viewer participation. Unfortunately, to do that, you’ll have to be quite known. Only YouTube channels with at least 1,000 subscriptions can stream live on a cell phone.

However, if you have exceeded the subscriber mark, live streaming on a mobile device is very straightforward:

1. From the App Store (iOS) or Google Play, download the YouTube app (Android).

2. Launch the app, and in the upper edge, select the camera button.

3. Give all of the YouTube permissions needed for live streaming.

4. Please pick ‘Go live.’

5. Choose to capture with the camera.

6. Set your stream to a label.

7. To add a summary, live toggle chat, and monetization.

8. Set an age cap.

9. Customize privacy settings.

10. Schedule a time for your live stream.

11. Click “Next” and take a photo or choose one from the phone’s gallery for your live stream thumbnail.

12. “Hit “Live Go.

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