How to make Fried Rice?

A convenient and delicious solution is to turn leftovers into a somewhat tasty is fried rice! Fried rice has always been at the top of the list when considering a simple, quick, nutritious, and go-to dish. Let’s try to find out how to make fried rice.

How to make Fried Rice

Though we sometimes assume that some ingredients are the symbolic ingredients of the recipe. Although rice and oil seem to be the only ingredients you need to prepare a delicious and quick fried rice. Here’s the list of ingredients you need to check out before proceeding to the fried rice recipe. But in case you are a fitness freak or a fitness enthusiast or trying to maintain or lose some weight. In that case, you need to check out the calorie count, which is considerably high, but you may choose to toss in loads of veggies to make it nutritious and healthy.

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 10 min

cooking time: 10 min


How to make Fried Rice
  • Olive oil – 3 tbsp. ( you may opt for any other oil )
  • Two eggs ( optional )
  • Salt as per your taste
  • 1/2 carrots, diced
  • One small onion diced
  • ½ cup chopped red, green, and yellow bell pepper
  • ½ cup chopped cabbage
  • 2 tbsp of minced ginger  and garlic,
  • cooked rice (preferably leftover)
  • ½ cup boiled or frozen baby corn
  • ½ cup of boiled or frozen peas
  • Any vegetable of your choice
  • 2 tbsp. soya sauce


  1. Heat your pan  over a high flame
  2. Add one tablespoon of oil.
  3. Beat egg and add to the pan. Keep stirring the eggs until cooked. Transfer to a plate. This step is entirely optional.
  4. Now, add two tablespoons of oil and add garlic and ginger and cook until you get the raw aroma.
  5. After that, add veggies and cook until veggies turn soft.
  6. Add rice and eggs to the pan. Pour in soy sauce and cook. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper, and you are good to go. Garnish with some chopped coriander, and your flaming hot vegetable fried rice is ready to serve

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How to make hand Sanitizer?

Correctly washing your hands is among the easiest ways to prevent Corona Virus’s transmission and make sure you don’t get affected due to the corona Virus disease. But if you don’t have access to soap and clean water, even if you’re not close to a tap, you can carry a DIY hand sanitiser to keep the coronavirus at bay. Do you know how to make hand sanitizer? Let’s try to find the way.

How to make hand Sanitizer

Because you’re making a hand sanitiser at home, you need to take note of the following points to make sure your DIY hand sanitiser turns out to be no less than the commercial versions.

  • You have to be alert, so you don’t screw things up and use the disinfected equipment for preparation; else, you might pollute the entire process.
  • Produce the DIY hand sanitiser in a hygienic space. Clean the countertops beforehand.
  •  Rinse your hands properly before actually preparing your hand sanitiser.
  • Choose to use a clean spatula and a bowl to prepare the concoction.
  • Make sure to use concentrated alcohol.
  • Combine all the ingredients well, so they are well formulated.
  • Try not to contaminate by touching with your hands until it becomes fit to use.

Homemade recipes turn potentially infected with an inappropriate element, diluted or inadequately mixed; it is crucially important to use  a clean place with disinfected equipment and to take care of the hygiene before commencing the entire process

Take extra care regarding the ratio of main ingredients, or else you’ll end up producing something that fails at its job as a sanitiser. 

How to make hand Sanitizer Gel?

What you’ll need:

  • Five tablespoons of aloe vera gel
  • Ten tablespoons of concentrated isopropyl alcohol
  • The essential oil of your choice, though optional you may use this for good smell. 


  1. In a sterile bottle, mix the aloe vera gel or glycerin with the isopropyl alcohol. For one cup of sanitiser, mix 1⁄3 cup of aloe gel with 2⁄3 cup of isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Mix thoroughly the entire concoction prepared to ensure that the Isopropyl alcohol completely blends into the aloe gel.
  3. Load a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the concoction. You may completely omit this step if you don’t like fragrance in your products.   
  4. Place the sanitiser in a safe and airtight bottle.
How to make hand Sanitizer

How to make hand DIY sanitizer spray or DIY sanitiser wipes?

What you’ll need:

  • Isopropyl alcohol 
  • Glycerin 
  • Hydrogen peroxide 
  • Distilled water 
  • Spray bottle 

The DIY gel sanitiser is ultimately potent in its job, but the aloe still makes the skin weirdly sticky. So, here’s a formula that’s less sticky and more efficient, based on the World Health Organization (WHO)recommended mixture.

  • Combine alcohol and glycerine in a ratio of 1:6.  Glycerine is a must ingredient if you do not want your skin to go dry and flaky.
  • Add in 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, then 100 ml of distilled or boiled water.
  • Pack the solution into a  spray bottle it’s not a gel or creme; it’s a  travel-friendly mist/ spray. You could wet a paper towel with it and use it as a wet wipe.
  • If you can’t include glycerin, make sure to keep skin moisturized and hydrated. Follow up with a super moisturizing cream and drink Lots of water throughout the day.

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How Not to Summon a Demon Lord?

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, otherwise called The King of Darkness. The J-Novel Club publishes light novels in English. A manga variation by Naoto Fukuda has been running since 2015, authorized by Seven Seas Entertainment.

An anime TV arrangement transformation by Ajia-do Animation Works circulated from July 5 to September 20, 2018.

A second season by Tezuka Productions and Okuruto Noboru will premiere on April 2021.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord


On its surface, the tale of the How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord tale arrangement is just another wish-satisfaction dream where a socially maladroit hikikomori gamer named Takuma Sakamoto is shipped into a game-like world and gets himself OP (Overpowered).

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

The two little youngsters who called him, the panther’s Rem and the mythical person Shera. It was an endeavour to utilize a spell to make Takuma their worker. Yet, because of his sorcery ring with the capacity “Enchantment Reflection,” the attack bounce back. Both ends, up with wizardry collars stuck on their necks, consequently turning into his workers, all things being equal. With a genuine instance of social uneasiness, Takuma chooses to act like his character while associating with others. He utilizes his great details and massive information on Cross Reverie’s legend to make due in his new climate. He was going alongside Rem and Shera to search for an approach to eliminate their slave collars. Also, He was assisting them with the issues that drove them to call him in any case.

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How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight?

A balanced diet, along with daily exercise, will help you meet your fitness targets, whether you’re struggling to lose, sustain, or gain weight. If you fail to lose weight, you need to know how many calories you should eat per day to lose weight quickly. Some experts suggest that eating fewer calories than bodily burns is an effective solution to help make it slimmer. Perhaps, to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, you might be forced to look up the estimated calories.

Practically speaking,  the average woman eats about 1,500 calories a day to lose one pound of weight per week and to retain weight, 2,000 calories per day. The average person trying to lose one pound of weight a week wants to eat around 2,000 calories a day and maintain 2,500 calories.

However, this depends on various factors, including height, age, current weight, levels of exercise, overall health, etc.

How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight

Sample Statistics

Here is a sample statistic that can be used as a starting point only because every individual is metabolically unique, even though they are not the same sex or have the same height.

GenderAgeSedentaryModerately activeActive
Females19-30 31-50 51+1800-2000 1800 16002000-2200 2000 18002400 2200 2000-2200
Males19-30 31-50 51+2400-2600 2200-2400 2000-22002600-2800 2400-2600 2200-24003000 2800-3000 2400-2800

The calories you burn per day contain the following three elements, commonly known as calorie expenditure.

  • Resting energy expenditure (REE). REE refers to the calories the body uses at rest. For processes that keep you going, such as respiration and blood pumping.
  • Thermic effect of food. The calorie expenditure in digesting, consuming, and metabolizing food
  • Activity energy expenditure. The calories you spend during tasks such as exercise and non-exercise-related activities,  domestic chores.

You bring the body through a calorie deficit if you provide your body with fewer calories than it requires to sustain these three calorie consumption elements. Consistently doing so for extended periods leads to weight loss.

How do you achieve a 500 per day or 3500 a week calorie?

You don’t have to starve yourself seamlessly with a fashionable diet. In fact, for weight loss, there are three safe ways to build a calorie deficit.

Eat Less Food

You’ll eat fewer calories per day if you slash your portion sizes, cut back on snacking, and select lower-calorie meals at the dinner table. It will create a calorie deficit that’s high sufficient for losing weight.

Get Active

How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight

The level of exercise and the number of calories the body needs per day are interrelated. It involves the workout you do every day as well as the resting period. You can hit a calorie deficiency if you maximize the number of calories the body requires and eat the same number of calories from food.

Combine Diet and Exercise

Many talented dietitians mix dieting with exercise to reduce weight. However, every day one should eat 250 fewer calories and then go on an hour of walk to lose 250 calories. Five hundred calories would be the calorie deficit. You would hit the 3500 calorie deficit required for weight loss if you developed a similar schedule for each day.

But if you realize and consistently build a calorie deficit, you will lose weight to reach your healthy weight.

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How to get rid of Hiccups?

Nearly everyone has had a hiccup. Although hiccups typically go away within a few minutes on their own, they may interrupt and mess up eating and talking. The ones experiencing hiccups are most likely to google “hiccup Reason,” “hiccups treatment,” and “hiccups remedies.” Most people also end up googling answers to questions such as “what are hiccups?” “what causes hiccups?” “How to stop hiccups?” “how to get rid of hiccups?”. if you are the one, please don’t waste your time; instead, follow the following remedies and bless us later

From eating a spoonful of peanut butter to massaging your stomach, people have come up with an infinite series of tricks to get rid of them. Which treatments function, though?

Few studies are testing the efficacy of various treatments for hiccups. Many of them, however, accompany centuries of statistical experience. The vagus or phrenic nerves that link to the diaphragm get stimulated by some of the most common remedies.

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to creep up on us with hiccups, and it just doesn’t seem to go anywhere, it seems. Understanding how to avoid them and get rid of them is a question worth discussing for someone who has encountered persistent hiccups. And hiccups are a mysterious phenomenon.

– Ways to get rid of Hiccups

1. Drink a little water to get rid of Hiccups

drink more water for hiccups

From a glass of water, take short sips in a row—rhythmic contractions of the oesophagus override diaphragm spasms when you’re gulping a drink.  To drain up the water, you would have to “pull” even faster with your diaphragm.

2. Hold on to your breath

Next time you get a hiccup, take a deep breath and keep it in place. If there is a carbon dioxide build-up in your lungs, your diaphragm relaxes.

3. Eat any of the candy or only sugar

Place your tongue with a pinch of granulated sugar and let it rest there for 5 to 10 seconds, then swallow.

4. Breathe into a paper bag gently and profoundly

breathe into paper bag for hiccups

Doing this raises the blood levels of carbon dioxide, causing the diaphragm to compress to pull in more oxygen, which could be necessary to avoid the hiccups.

5. Stick your tongue out

How to get rid of Hiccups?

Stick your tongue out while no one’s around. Singers and performers perform this practice because it activates the vocal cords’ opening (the glottis). You relax more smoothly, quenching the hiccup-causing spasms.

6. Sip a little spicy sauce

Sip a little spicy sauce for hiccups

While sipping on some chilli sauce, the heat and burn are enough disturbing to turn the body’s attention on the burn instead of the hiccup approach.

7. Using medication to get rid of hiccups

Some treatments can help ease hiccups. However, these should only consider as a last choice. They are consulting primary care providers about recovery choices and medical conditions if suffering from chronic hiccups.

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How to file for unemployment in the USA?

Did you lose your job? Do you want to know how to file for unemployment in the USA? You may apply for Unemployment Benefits, a temporary income to help you while you look for a new one.

U.S. states run their services for unemployment insurance. They typically pay benefits to employees who have become unemployed through no fault of their own by state governments, primarily provided by state and federal payroll taxes imposed on employers.

Although Unemployment insurance coverage requirements vary by state but broadly speaking, workers not dismissed for wrongdoing are eligible for unemployment benefits, and those fired for misconduct are not eligible for unemployment benefits.

Here are a few steps to take if you are in such a condition

  • Upon being unemployed, you need to contact the state’s unemployment insurance department as soon as possible.
  • You should usually file your lawsuit with the state where you worked. The state unemployment benefits department where you now live will have guidance on registering a claim with other states whether you have served in a state other than the one you now live or work in several states.

They will ask for a few specifics when you make a claim file for unemployment in the USA: —

  1. Your social security no.
  2. Driver’s license
  3. All your details of formers job for 18 months, including the organisation’s name, name of the boss, and the address. Be sure to provide accurate and accurate details and make sure they accept your claim.
  4. Employer registration number
  5. The reason for no longer working with the employer
  6. Wages earned

However, it takes two to three weeks to earn the first benefit after you file your claim. Provided that you produce accurate details and make sure they accept your claim.

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How to combine PDF files?

A PDF file, containing formatted text, vector graphics, and raster images, can store a wide range of data. It also provides details about the page layout, which specifies each object’s position on the page and the scale and shape of the document’s pages. Let’s read today how to combine PDF files.

The combined pdf files hold the highest consistency that can be approved on any web site (when uploading to a website or attaching as email). Your files are completely secure since they are transmitted over a secure network. After one hour of transfer, all files are permanently erased from our servers.

How to combine PDF files on Windows

  1. To merge files, open Acrobat DC: 
  2. Now, open the Tools tab and pick “Combine Files.” 
  3. Add Files: Press the ‘Add Files’ button and pick the files you want to add to your PDF. PDFs or a combination of PDF documents and other files can be combined.
  4. Arrange and remove content: Delete any content you don’t like, open, drag, and drop to reorder files or press Delete. 
  5. Combine Files: Press “Combine Files” when you’re done organizing. 
  6. Export as a PDF file: Label the file and press the “Save” button for your file. It’s that simple.

How to combine PDF files on Mac

  1. Open the folder where your PDF files have been stored.
  2. After that, pick the PDFs you want to combine from
  3. Right-click on the PDFs picked now.
  4. Click Quick > Actions > Create PDF, and then click
  5. A combined PDF is what will open on the computer.

How to merge PDF (iOS)

  1. Locate and pick the PDF files you would like to combine with
  2. After that, Tap the three-dot button in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Now, Tap Generating a PDF
  4. A combined PDF is what will open on the computer.

How to merge PDF (Android)

1. Firstly, visit Google Play Store and download Wondershare PDFelement 

2. When enabled, open the software and use your smartphone to customize it. Confirm and authorize access to the media and the download folder on your computer.

3. Thirdly, tap the hamburger button found on the screen’s upper left side.

4. Tap Merge > + icon

  • Pick where you would like to import the PDF files from
  • After that, Pick the files to combine by tapping the + icon
  • Tap on the Combine button in the lower right corner.
  • When done, tap Save and choose where you want the file to be saved and hit Build (you may edit the name if you want by tapping on edit the name)

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How to screen record on your mac?

Of course, screen captures and snapshots are helpful for improved communication. And that’s what we need sometimes. But there are other moments that we need to speak to people or document things so that someone else can hear what we need to say, maybe thousands of miles away. You may want to record part of the screen on your Mac to share with someone else—maybe a college lecture you want to share or a section of a website. Or, you may want to film a video on the computer of your Mac. It’s pretty simple for both roles, so we’ll show you how.

Method to screen record on mac?

how to screen record on mac
  • To bring up the screenshot toolbar, press Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard.
  • Press Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Portion. Your recording will start automatically if you choose Entire Screen Recording.
  • If you’re capturing a part of it, choose the section of the screen you want to record.
  • On the screenshot and recording control bar, press Record.
  • To stop the video, press the Stop button in the Menu bar.
  • Control-click the recording in the bottom-right corner of your screen, right-click, or two-finger-click it.
  • Use the context menu to select where the screenshot should be saved, forwarded, shown, removed, or labelled in the Finder.

Use QuickTime Player

  • From your Apps folder, open the QuickTime Player and select File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar. Then you can see the Screen Recording window listed below.
  • You should click on the arrow next to the red circle (recording icon) to change the recording settings before you start recording:
  •  Pick a microphone to record your speech or other audio with a computer recording. Change the volume slider to track the audio during playback. Lower the volume or use headphones with a headset if you get audio feedback.
  • Pick Show Mouse Clicks in Recording to view a black circle around your pointer as you press.
  • Click the red circle (recording icon) to start recording and then take one of these actions:
  • To begin capturing the whole screen, press anywhere on the screen.
  • Or drag and drop to pick an area that you want to record, then press Start Recording in that area.
  •  Click the black square (stop recording icon) in the menu bar to stop recording, or click Command-Control-Esc to stop recording (Escape).
  • The QuickTime Player opens the recording automatically after you finish recording. The recording can now be played, edited, or uploaded.

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How to lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat that everybody needs to function appropriately. There are two types of cholesterol, the normal one and the abnormal one. The too much presence of abnormal (bad) cholesterol can lead to heart-related diseases. As a result, they can lead to strokes and other problems. Now, the question arises what can be done to live a healthy lifestyle? If you are looking for the answer to “ How to lower cholesterol ?” question, this article is for you. 

Popular studies show that abnormal cholesterol levels are due in part to an unhealthy lifestyle. At present, it is hard to live a healthy lifestyle in this particular age where everything becomes fast and express. People are ending up comprising their health a lot.  

We would be suggesting some lifestyle changes which can improve your cholesterol level.

If you are already on medications, these changes can work like wonder.

1. Eat healthy foods

To bring changes in your lifestyle, the first change you have to make it is your diet. In the long run, this can result in reduced cholesterol and improved heart health.

  • Reduce saturated fats from your diet.
  • You have to eliminate Trans fats. 
  • Eat foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

2. Add Exercise in your daily routine

To improve cholesterol, one has to add exercise in your routine. In the first place, You can add some physical activities, i.e., 

Taking a daily walk for 15 minutes daily.

Taking a bicycle in place of car

Or you can consider playing a favourite sport

3. Lose weight

The first and foremost advice given by the experts is to lose weight. Moreover, some small changes in your lifestyle, like drinking sugary beverages, switch to tap water. 

4. Quit smoking

As a matter of the fact that smoking is a major concern to heart disease. And here are some quick benefits to consider:- 

Firstly, Blood pressure and heart rate can recover that too after 20 minutes of quitting. 

Not just that, even the blood circulation and lung functions will improve after 3 months of quitting.  

In summary, you can try these methods to improve your cholesterol and the medication course for cholesterol. 

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How to clear cookies on chrome?

A cookie is a small piece of data on the user’s computer that the web browser appears while browsing a site. They can also remember pieces of information that the user has previously entered such as names, password etc. It is vital to clear cookies of browser and clearing cookies on chrome or firefox is very easy too.

Cookies perform essential functions in the modern world. The security of an authentication cookie generally depends on the security of the issuing website. Most cookies are useful, but some can leak your personal information to the third-party websites.

So, that is why cleaning these cookies from your browser is very important. These steps will help you clean your cookies on your chrome.

Steps to clear cookies on Chrome

  • On your computer,Open chrome.
  • At the top right, click on more.
  • Click on more tools and go on to clear browsing data.
steps to clear cookies on chrome
  • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select on all time.
how to clear cookies
  • Press on clear data.

Cookies are these files which are created by the sites you visit. They make your online experiences easier by saving your browsing data, but, it is essential to clear your cookies from the chrome so that none of your personal details gets shared with any third-party websites.

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