How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight?


A balanced diet, along with daily exercise, will help you meet your fitness targets, whether you’re struggling to lose, sustain, or gain weight. If you fail to lose weight, you need to know how many calories you should eat per day to lose weight quickly. Some experts suggest that eating fewer calories than bodily burns is an effective solution to help make it slimmer. Perhaps, to get rid of the stubborn belly fat, you might be forced to look up the estimated calories.

Practically speaking,  the average woman eats about 1,500 calories a day to lose one pound of weight per week and to retain weight, 2,000 calories per day. The average person trying to lose one pound of weight a week wants to eat around 2,000 calories a day and maintain 2,500 calories.

However, this depends on various factors, including height, age, current weight, levels of exercise, overall health, etc.

How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight

Sample Statistics

Here is a sample statistic that can be used as a starting point only because every individual is metabolically unique, even though they are not the same sex or have the same height.

GenderAgeSedentaryModerately activeActive
Females19-30 31-50 51+1800-2000 1800 16002000-2200 2000 18002400 2200 2000-2200
Males19-30 31-50 51+2400-2600 2200-2400 2000-22002600-2800 2400-2600 2200-24003000 2800-3000 2400-2800

The calories you burn per day contain the following three elements, commonly known as calorie expenditure.

  • Resting energy expenditure (REE). REE refers to the calories the body uses at rest. For processes that keep you going, such as respiration and blood pumping.
  • Thermic effect of food. The calorie expenditure in digesting, consuming, and metabolizing food
  • Activity energy expenditure. The calories you spend during tasks such as exercise and non-exercise-related activities,  domestic chores.

You bring the body through a calorie deficit if you provide your body with fewer calories than it requires to sustain these three calorie consumption elements. Consistently doing so for extended periods leads to weight loss.

How do you achieve a 500 per day or 3500 a week calorie?

You don’t have to starve yourself seamlessly with a fashionable diet. In fact, for weight loss, there are three safe ways to build a calorie deficit.

Eat Less Food

You’ll eat fewer calories per day if you slash your portion sizes, cut back on snacking, and select lower-calorie meals at the dinner table. It will create a calorie deficit that’s high sufficient for losing weight.

Get Active

How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight

The level of exercise and the number of calories the body needs per day are interrelated. It involves the workout you do every day as well as the resting period. You can hit a calorie deficiency if you maximize the number of calories the body requires and eat the same number of calories from food.

Combine Diet and Exercise

Many talented dietitians mix dieting with exercise to reduce weight. However, every day one should eat 250 fewer calories and then go on an hour of walk to lose 250 calories. Five hundred calories would be the calorie deficit. You would hit the 3500 calorie deficit required for weight loss if you developed a similar schedule for each day.

But if you realize and consistently build a calorie deficit, you will lose weight to reach your healthy weight.

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