How to host a Zoom meeting?

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Without video conferences, many sectors would have been paralyzed during the pandemic. These include especially education and corporate industry. Nonetheless, during these difficult times, enterprises and academic institutions continued to be productive. And this happened due to the availability of the internet and high broadband connections. Also, many users on the internet trying to find how to host a Zoom meeting.

host a Zoom meeting

There are far more individuals working from home than ever before. The continuing COVID-19 crisis causes corporations to use video conferencing. And they are using it as their predominant means of communication between personnel. And also, sharing time with friends and family is now reduced to Zoom calls. Also, that was too owning because most of the country on lockdown and social distancing in effect. Web conferencing and video call applications are now prevalent for all. It is accessible from kid’s birthday parties to highly competitive corporate meetings.

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How to host a Zoom meeting

Zoom is the legit contender during the pandemic. And it has left behind all the video conference platforms that exist.⠀

The Zoom call has achieved remarkable success. the success credits to the simplicity of beginning on board. Customers can give somebody a meeting link. attendees can access the link In their internet browser. When the attendees go to that link, their Zoom conference is immediately connected. The convenient meet design and straightforward usability made Zoom a successful forum. Adjustable backgrounds have grabbed the eye of many individuals.


The reliability of the app to broadcast high-quality video is a yes yes. Without a few cases of freezing during conferences has led to the popularity of Zoom.

Here’s how you can host a zoom meeting:-

  • Press the fat orange logo with the camera that says “new meeting”.
  • After that, please approve of having access to the camera and selecting yes.
  • A window screen will appear.
  •  it will offer you the alternatives to
  • “join with computer audio,”
  • “test speaker and microphone.”
  • To ensure that your earpiece and speakers function
  • Tick the box that says “join audio by the computer automatically.”  The next time you want to get on a Zoom call, you can delay one level.
  • Choose to join with computer audio.”
  • By clicking the box in the lower-left corner of the screen, make sure you’re unmuted.
  • If you see the “start video,” make sure you’re ready for people to see you by clicking it, too. You can still pause or mute the video later.
  • On the lower end of the video frame, press the ‘manage participants’ button.
  • In the bottom right corner, select “more.”
  • You will mute participants from here while they join. Zoom may play a tone as someone exits or enters in.
  • Invite others to your session. At the bottom of the Zoom app window, press the “Invite” button and then click “Copy URL.”
  • Give the URL to individuals. They can attend your conference from any device.

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