How to lower cholesterol?

how to lower cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat that everybody needs to function appropriately. There are two types of cholesterol, the normal one and the abnormal one. The too much presence of abnormal (bad) cholesterol can lead to heart-related diseases. As a result, they can lead to strokes and other problems. Now, the question arises what can be done to live a healthy lifestyle? If you are looking for the answer to “ How to lower cholesterol ?” question, this article is for you. 

Popular studies show that abnormal cholesterol levels are due in part to an unhealthy lifestyle. At present, it is hard to live a healthy lifestyle in this particular age where everything becomes fast and express. People are ending up comprising their health a lot.  

We would be suggesting some lifestyle changes which can improve your cholesterol level.

If you are already on medications, these changes can work like wonder.

1. Eat healthy foods

To bring changes in your lifestyle, the first change you have to make it is your diet. In the long run, this can result in reduced cholesterol and improved heart health.

  • Reduce saturated fats from your diet.
  • You have to eliminate Trans fats. 
  • Eat foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

2. Add Exercise in your daily routine

To improve cholesterol, one has to add exercise in your routine. In the first place, You can add some physical activities, i.e., 

Taking a daily walk for 15 minutes daily.

Taking a bicycle in place of car

Or you can consider playing a favourite sport

3. Lose weight

The first and foremost advice given by the experts is to lose weight. Moreover, some small changes in your lifestyle, like drinking sugary beverages, switch to tap water. 

4. Quit smoking

As a matter of the fact that smoking is a major concern to heart disease. And here are some quick benefits to consider:- 

Firstly, Blood pressure and heart rate can recover that too after 20 minutes of quitting. 

Not just that, even the blood circulation and lung functions will improve after 3 months of quitting.  

In summary, you can try these methods to improve your cholesterol and the medication course for cholesterol. 

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