How to enable cookies on Chrome?

Are you finding the way to enable cookies on chrome? This is the right place for you. But let’s read what are the cookies first. Cookies are tiny in size. They contain texts. Google Chrome and other web browsers use to learn the configurations and website interests that you are accessing. They improve your surfing, and you should allow them.

Internet surfing is probably a bit slower for you than it ought to be if cookies are disabled in your chrome browser. Cookies are tiny text files that web pages use to process data about you and your access.

Enabling cookies ensures that cookies can enhance your surfing experience and help you sign in to the website.  On e-commerce websites, cookies could remember what’s in your cart and wishlist.

Follow the step to enable cookies on your Chrome:-

Click on “Customize and Control”

You’ll see the Customize menu icon in the top-right corner of the Chrome browser, i.e., the three tiny black dots on top of each other – and press it.

How to enable cookies on Chrome

Choosing it will show a list of several choices. The name of one of them would be “Settings.”

Choose¬† “Settings” from the menu

How to enable cookies on Chrome

Now the Settings window displays.

Look for Settings for Cookies

With a search box at the very end, the main screen for Chrome’s configurations will show. Chrome has lots of different customization preferences, so enter the word “cookie” in the search box to instantly go to the cookie configuration.

How to enable cookies on Chrome

Follow the link to “Site settings” and select it.

There will also be various choices listed after you have typed ‘cookie’ in the search, and you’ll need to navigate straight to the bottom of the configuration page, where you will see a section called Site settings.

How to enable cookies on Chrome

Select your favorite Settings for Cookies

You can now alter the function of your cookies to how you want.

There are three choices to pick from;

  • Allow all cookies
  • Block third party cookies
  • Block all cookies
Select your favorite Settings for Cookies

This way you can enable the cookies.

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